Big news and a catchup

Hi friends!

Anyone hear crickets out there from my long, long absence? Sorry to have disappeared there!

But I have been up to a lot since my last post! As a quick highlight, I had a trip to Canada, where my friend and I visited Montreal and Quebec City (a separate post is coming for this trip, promise)


I also visited my Dad in Saskatchewan (Central Canada) and spent some time out at our family cabin


And then visited my mom in Western Canada. While I was visiting her, we also made a quick trip to Vancouver, where my sister lives.


The trip to Vancouver was partially to see my sister, but was mostly because I had an interview with a company there. Subsequently, they offered me the job and I accepted! So the big news for this post is that I’m moving back to Canada!

This has been a huge, huge decision for me, as not only am I leaving the UK, but I’m also leaving the job that I’ve had for the past 6 years. I’ve worked for the past year for a promotion with the company, which I forfeited by giving my notice. I don’t talk about work very often on this blog, and that’s partially due to the confidentiality restrictions I have, but also because I try to be fairly positive when blogging. And the truth is that I’ve been pretty unhappy at my job for the past couple of years.

While my job was good in that it allowed me to travel Europe for the past 3 years, I work some really crazy hours (I’ve worked over 100 hours in a week multiple times and it’s not uncommon to work weekends or late into the evenings), plus the actual work that I was doing felt really meaningless. But still, I’ve received positive feedback with my role, and was continuing to climb my way up the corporate ladder, so I’ve stayed and continued working hard at it. It’s hard to leave behind what you know, as there is comfort in routine.

I’m nervous to be moving back, as I’ve never lived in Vancouver before, and will be starting again with my social circle, as well as at a brand new job. Additionally, for the time being, Assen is staying in the UK and we will be dating long distance for awhile.


As you can imagine, with all these big life changes- it’s been hard to find time to blog!

However, since accepting my job, I’ve also made another trip to Bulgaria (was going to go to Turkey and would’ve been in the country on the day of the attempted coup but decided it wasn’t safe about a week beforehand)


I’ve also already had my last day at my job, and my house is a mess as I start to go through everything I own to decide what I’m moving back to Canada with me. Because did I mention that I’m moving NEXT WEEK?!

I hope to start blogging more, and catch up on my last few travels, as well as share my next international move and adventures with all of you out there.

How has everyone else been? And, since it’s been a few years, any advice on my second international move?


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