Day in the life, plus some food

Hi friends,

How was everyone’s weekend? Sorry to be posting a day later than usual- I had a very lazy Sunday and couldnt’ motivate myself to do anything, including typing up a post for you guys 🙂

One of the things I was doing this weekend was looking at some old posts back on my blog, and remembering how I first got started. I like to read health and fitness blogs, so when I first started posting, my focus was mostly on the food I ate and the exercise that I was completing. However, I soon realised that I am not the person to have a food and health blog- yes I enjoy it, but I’m just as likely to be found on my couch with a glass of wine, binge watching Netflix; as I am to be found doing any kind of exercise. As my life has changed, so too has my blog, and now I think all I blog about is travels.

However, as a throw back to the past, I thought I would do a half way “Day in the Life of” along with my eats of the day from yesterday. Hopefully some will enjoy!

7:30 am- alarm goes off. I realise I’m working from home so don’t quite have to get out of bed. I snooze my alarm and fall back asleep.

8 am- my alarm is again going off, and this time it’s actually time to get out of bed! I roll out of bed, have a quick shower, make myself a vanilla latte and have an orange juice and am in front of my computer by 8:30.


9:30 am- I’m now all caught up on my emails, and realise I haven’t had anything to eat. I go downstairs and quickly put together a smoothie for myself (ingredients: Spinach, 1/2 of an avocado, mango, banana, protein powder, and water) as well as make myself a green tea. Within 15 minutes, I’m back upstairs and back to work.


11:30- I’ve been reviewing some work for the past 2 hours and realise that I’m getting quite hungry, but it’s a bit early to stop for lunch. I also haven’t had any water yet today, so I grab myself a quick snack (love these bars- the ingredient list is always two or three ingredients) as well as a big glass of water.


1:30- finally lunch time! At about 12:45, Assen had come upstairs to see if I wanted some lunch. Unfortunately we hadn’t done our grocery shopping yet for the week, so we didn’t have any ingredients at home. We agree to head over to the express grocery store we live by at 1 pm. With the ingredients we pick up, I made myself a chicken sandwich (with tomatoes, cucumber, spinach and cheese), a handful of salt and vinegar chips, and a tomato, lentil soup. I also make myself an Italian soda, with blueberry flavouring and soda water. I was going to watch an episode of Big Bang Theory while I ate, but I forgot I had a call at 2, and end up prepping for the call while trying to eat quickly.


4 pm- I’ve been in calls pretty much non-stop since my 2 pm call. I got off my call at 4 pm and realise I’m starting to feel a bit hungry, so I make myself another tea (this one a flavoured black tea) and cut up an apple with some peanut butter. And for good measure, I have another handful of chips (I have a chips problem- if they’re in the house, I will eat them). I had some mindless reviewing to do, so I watched an episode of Big Bang Theory in the background while working. It takes me about 2 hours to watch 1 episode because I keep pausing it so I can focus on what I’m reading.


I work until 7 pm, and finally call it a day. I really should’ve worked later, but, as previously mentioned, Assen and I hadn’t yet done our grocery shopping yet for the week. I head over to the grocery store, and Assen agrees to do a couple loads of laundry while I’m gone. By the time I come home, it’s just after 8 pm. I put away the groceries and start making some dinner, and have a glass of wine, with a few snacks of dried mango while I do so (and of course…a bit of Netlfix to keep me company).


I’m not going for anything complicated tonight, so dinner is done in about 20 minutes. I baked the salmon with some seasoning, and had bought a frozen bag of mixed veggies, which I stir fried in a bit of coconut oil. Considering the amount of chips I’ve already eaten today (there were a few handfuls that I did not take pictures of), I decide to go carb-less for dinner.


10 pm- I have a couple pieces of chocolate (Lindt caramel with sea salt flakes…mmmm- obsessed!) and start putting together this blog post. Once done, a warm bath and a cup of herbal tea is calling my name.

11:30- time for bed! I’m working from home again tomorrow, so I lay in bed, playing on my phone for longer than I should since I know it won’t be an early morning.

And that’s an easy day in the life of me 🙂 I used to work a lot more, but this year have really been trying to draw more boundaries around my job. I really try and stop work around 7 pm most nights, and I”m trying to stop working on weekends. I don’t always make it (I worked for about 4 hours this Sunday), but it’s made a much better balance in my life than I had this time last year.

How about everyone else out there? What’s a typical day in the life of you?


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