New Years Resolutions

Welcome to 2016!


I don’t know about you guys, but I love the idea of a new year.

I love it because of the idea of a fresh start. It allows everyone to reflect on their life over the past 12 months, and find inspiration to implement positive changes, as well as get rid of old habits that are no longer serving them.

As part of that, I have been looking back over my past year, and reflecting on 2015. Overall, 2015 was a great year for me!

I traveled to 15 countries (if we include Iceland, where I had a 4 hour layover and didn’t leave the airport). I like the idea of 15 countries in 2015, so am going with it for consistency. The countries I traveled to were: France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, UK (technically I was already in Great Britain but considering I traveled to new areas, I’m counting it), Bulgaria, Iceland, Canada, Austria, Hungary, USA, Germany and Scotland. (I promise I’ll get up to date shortly for the trips which I don’t have links for).


I watched my best friend get married.


Assen and I celebrated a year of dating, and have grown closer as we navigate living and working together (and vacationing together).


Along with the positives, there were also a lot of challenging moments. Family members were sick, I was working long hours throughout most of the year, being homesick for family and friends, and just general life frustrations. However, overall I look back at 2015 and it makes me smile to remember everything that’s happened!

Last year, I had set myself a few resolutions. Overall, I did ok but definitely didn’t make them all. My resolutions from last year, plus how I did on each of them are:

  • Pay off all my debt- this one I did the best on. I’m happy to report that I became officially debt free in September of this year. I’m really proud of this one, as when I first graduated from University, 5 years ago, I had dug myself into a bit of a mess. I was ashamed of how much debt I was in, and tried to ignore the fact that I had incurred this debt. However, after a good shake from my mom, I started looking at my finances. And slowly, I started paying it off. As the amount grew closer and closer to 0, I found myself so excited. I started looking for ways that I could pay it off sooner. That final payment felt so good! I’m very excited to be entering 2016 completely debt free!
  • Start blogging again- in this post, I announced I was coming back to blogging after taking more than a year away from blogging. However, as the year continued, there were a few pauses which I meant to only be a week but suddenly 2 or 3 weeks had passed…and then a couple of months passed with no entries. I’m proud of myself for continuing, and I did the best I could given my work schedule, but I’d like to be more consistent with my blogging moving forward.
  • Stop hitting snooze on my alarm- this one I failed within the first week of the year. I am NOT a morning person, and when my alarm goes off in the morning, I kind of just want to die. I have my first alarm that goes off at 6:30, which is for if I’m getting up early to work out. That one is immediately turned off in the morning (I have gotten up with this alarm a total of 5 times in the entire year and that’s only because I had friends challenge me to actually do it for a week). My next alarm goes off at 7:15, and that’s my “I’m going to look nice for work” alarm. Sometimes I’ll hit snooze until as late as 8 am, which then means I have about 20 minutes to get ready and be leaving the house- and means I’ll be arriving at work late. I know that time doesn’t actually make me more rested- but I struggle a lot to get out of bed in the morning!


Mmm- bed! (Full disclosure- this is not my bed at home. This was my bed while in Costa Rica, completing my yoga teacher training).

After reviewing 2015, and thinking about what I want for 2016, I have come up with the below targets:

  • Save money- I have a specific amount that I’m striving towards, which I’d rather not share on here. But my goal is to save that throughout the year. I’ve been renting for the past 11 years and would love to own my own home. However, to do that, I need to have some money saved for a down payment. I don’t think I’ll be purchasing anything until 2017 or 2018, but am beginning to put the plan into action.
  • Start meditating- I have read so many articles which speak about the benefits of meditating. I’ve resisted for a very long time for one simple fact- I don’t like meditating! I struggle to sit still and just can’t bear to sit down and do it. Which is ridiculous considering its only 5 minutes! So my goal is to meditate at least 3 times each week, for a minimum time of 5 minutes each time.
  • Start regularly (at least a couple times a month) doing a hobby- this one is more general as I don’t know what hobby I’d like it to be. But after spending much of 2015 working all the time, when work slowed down in November, I didn’t know what to do with myself! I watched a lot of Netflix, and felt bored! While it was really nice to have the opportunity to feel bored and just relax for a couple of months, I’d really like to find something more productive to do with my time. Maybe it will be baking more often (something I used to really enjoy), or regularly going swimming (something I also used to love), or finding something completely new like learning a language, or knitting, or who knows what! But it’s just something to do. This will hopefully decrease my time in front of my computer, watching Netflix and scrolling through Facebook updates!

How about everyone else? Do you love or hate New Years? Did you set any resolutions for 2015- and if so, how did you do? And, finally, did you set any new resolutions for 2016? I’d love to hear about it 🙂


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