Back to blogging :)

So today, I went onto my favourite blog “Healthy Tipping Point” and read that she is no longer blogging. I sat there for a minute after reading her final blog post and felt sad. It was like saying good-bye to a friend.

I remember reading the blog “Kath Eats” years and years ago, when I was in a very unhealthy place. I loved reading blogs about what people ate as it fed my own unhealthy obsession around food. (I would really like to add a caveat here that I am NOT saying these types of blogs are unhealthy- they can be extremely positive and bring about amazing, positive changes for people. That just wasn’t my experience with it.)


Because I was obsessed with all things food, I would sit for hours and read every comment on these blogs. It made me feel better to know there were other people out there “like me”- those that spent their free time planning their meals, and thinking about exercising. I wasn’t alone in wanting to exercise consistently. So I knew Caitlin’s comments, and saw she was a regular commenter, before she ever started writing her blog. I noted when she started her blog, and then I ended up getting caught up into it. This was 7.5 years ago!

I’ve read her blog pretty consistently since then. There was a period of a year or two where I stopped reading all blogs, as I underwent my own path which made it better for me to distance myself from my unhealthy habits and instead create a better relationship with myself.


As I read her post about all the adventures she’s had, and amazing time blogging, it made me miss blogging. Blogging is something I am very on-and-off again. It is a huge time commitment, and this past year has been the busiest year I’ve ever had with my job. For about 8 months straight, I worked between 70-100 hours a week. So any free time I did have, I did not want to spend in front of a computer. Which is where I’ve been for the past couple of months. I missed it though- I missed having a space that I could share my adventures with. Including my trip to Bulgaria (which I promised a post on so long ago), and my trip back to Canada. Or other aspects of my life- including things like new books I had read, yoga classes I was trying, or fun touristy spots I was exploring


But for now, I’m coming back. And I have a few really fun posts planned, that I hope anyone out there who has stuck around for my blog pause!

Thanks for waiting! Also- if anyone has any bloggers that they love (or you yourself are a blogger) please share in the comments! I need some new reading material to go with my morning coffee!


2 thoughts on “Back to blogging :)

  1. Frenchie in Canada says:

    OMG, I didn’t know she had stopped blogging… I loved her blog 🙂 And I totally understand how reading too many blogs can lead to or reinforce our unhealthy obcessions. Looking forward to reading about your trips 🙂

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