Bath exploring

Hi friends,

How’s everyone’s last few weeks been?

My last few weeks have been filled with a whole lot of work! Think 75 hour work weeks, working through the weekend, and you’ll pretty much have a good idea of what most of my June looked like. Doesn’t lead to much to blog about- both since I figure no one really wants to know about the details of my job, but also because most of my job is quite confidential, so I can’t really talk about it even if I wanted to!

However, last weekend, Assen and I did manage to get away for the weekend. It was our year anniversary, and I’ve been told many things about the city of Bath, so we figured we’d spend the weekend exploring a new area.

We woke up bright and early on Saturday, to begin the 3.5 hour drive to bath. By the time we packed up the car, actually got on the road, had a couple stops, and checked into our hotel, it was already mid-afternoon by the time we were ready to start exploring.

First thing we saw, was the Abbey. In my travels throughout Europe, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful churches, but everytime I see a new one, I’m awed all over again.


The next site was right next to the Abbey, which are the old Roman baths. It’s a beautiful building, which has been preserved from when the Romans were in Britain, 2000 years ago, and created this space for public bathing.

The water itself is naturally heated, due to geothermal energy, which is why the Romans created such a large bathing area here. The Romans first started building here in 60-70 CE, and built up the area over the next 300 years. Once the Romans left in the 5th Century, the bathing houses were no longer used and fell into ruin.

I greatly enjoyed wondering around this area, as it has now been rebuilt, and shows the differing areas, some which were warmer than others, or cooler. Apparently the Romans were quite into bathing, and would bathe every day (versus the typical stereo-type that back in the day no one was that into hygiene).


When you enter the baths, you were given a phone. As you walked around, there were signs that would tell you which number to enter, so that you could hear information and background for where you were. I quite liked this, as sometimes on a guided tour, someone can be going on-and-on, for something that maybe you’re not overly interested in. However, with this- if it got too long, you could just stop it, and move on to the next area.



One of the most interesting areas, I thought, was where they have set up a re-created (as per below) wall from the Temple. There was a lot of information of the sculpture of the face at the front, whether it related to Minerva (the goddess that the temple was attributed to), or potentially Oceanus (an old Celtic god), or a Gorgon. Essentially the answer was we don’t really know, but it was interesting to hear all the different theories.




After the Roman Baths, we wandered over the water edge, as there is a beautiful bridge in Bath, as well as a beautiful river that runs through. We enjoyed the sunshine for a bit, and just the general site seeing.




After our site seeing, we got dressed up for an anniversary meal. We went to a fantastic Spanish restaurant, and proceeded to eat several appetisers, paella, and drink the best Sangria I’ve had since I was in Spain last year. Unfortunately, because we were too busy eating, drinking, and chatting, I didn’t think to take a single picture! However, it was absolutely amazing. Especially since we’ve both been so busy lately- it was nice just to get away and have an opportunity to catch up with each other.

The next day we drove to Bristol, planning to continue our weekend of exploring. Unfortunately, after we  snapped the below picture, it started raining very, very hard.


We went for a late lunch, and sat and caught up some more, hoping that the rain would stop and we’d have a bit more time to explore before having to head back home, but unfortunately it only seemed to rain harder and harder.

After our two hour lunch, with it still raining, we finally decided to admit defeat, and head back home, since we knew we both had a couple more busy week’s coming up. It was a great weekend to spend some time together, do some exploring, and explore a new area of the UK that I hadn’t seen before.

What’s everyone else been up to lately?


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