A few random thoughts

Hi friends,

Happy Wednesday!

I thought today’s post would be a fun, switching it up kind of post. I thought about naming it “Things I spent way too much of my life thinking about, even though it doesn’t impact me at all” but it seemed a tad long. However, that is the focus of today’s post.


Figured a random picture of me with a panda kind of sums up a “random post” idea, right? 😛

Anyone else ever spent long periods of time thinking and wondering about stuff that really doesn’t matter? Sometimes I find things will get under my skin, and then I just can’t turn my brain off about them. So today’s post is about the recent things that I’ve spent way too much time thinking about.

  • Women who date Dan Bilzerian. So, in case you don’t know, Dan Bilzerian is a billionaire who plays poker, engages in extreme sports, and has the most beautiful women surrounding him in almost every single picture he posts on Instagram and Facebook. I recently learnt who he was because I live under a rock, and one of my friends on Facebook seems to “like” everything he does, therefore it ends up on my Facebook feed. He is a known bachelor, often posting things asking why anyone would ever get married, and refers to women as “bitches”, and generally seems to treat them with little respect (there’s an article where he tells the interviewer that women shouldn’t try and dress their body so it looks nice, they should focus on looking good naked because that’s what he cares about).
    So- why do all the most beautiful women flock to him? I just don’t get it! Fine- he has a lot of money and that would attract some women, but you know he’s only going to be with you for what- a night? Week? Maybe a month? So it’s not like you’ll be getting any of that money!
    I guess it’s kind of the same thing as women who want to sleep with celebrities but I just don’t get that either. Are you bragging to your friends afterwards how you had sex with them? Maybe it’s just my friends but I don’t think they’d be impressed if I was bragging about that….
  • What it would be like to speak another language. I only speak English, and I wish very much so that I could speak other languages. So whenever I speak to someone who speaks multiple languages (such as Assen, who speaks 4), I always ask so many questions about it, and spend way too much of my time thinking about what it would be like. He’ll tell me about a dream that he had, and I’ll interrupt to ask him if he dreams in English or Bulgarian (his native language). I also want to know things like: What language was the hardest? What’s the longest word in other languages? Which languages are similar to others, versus which languages are very different (i.e.: French and Spanish are very similar, but French and Russian have very little commonality). I generally just want to know more about all the nuances of becoming fluent in another language.
  • What it would be like to experience life as a different person. Obviously, I can only view the world from my own brain. But sometimes in passing, I will walk by a person who catches my eye, and I’ll wonder what their life is like. Where are they going, and what are their current stresses and successes in life. I’ll spend the next 6 blocks imagining their life and what it’s like.
  • Similarly, what it would be like if someone else could experience life as myself. Usually I think about this when I’m feeling stressed or under-appreciated, as then someone could see the world from my view-point and really appreciate all that I do. But I also wonder what they would experience and notice of things about my life that I take for granted and just don’t even consider. It makes me try and notice the small details in my own life, so hopefully this one is less of a waste of time than the others above.

There are many more that I waste time thinking about, but these are the ones I can think of now! How about everyone else? What do you spend time thinking about, which doesn’t actually impact your life much?


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