Back from holiday!

Hi friends,

I am back from holiday! It almost feels like a distant memory now, as I got home last Sunday.


Sorry for the lack of posting since then, but have just been getting caught up with life after holiday. You know how it is- have to get some food, clean all your clothes, then it’s back to work and getting caught up on work and emails.

Thankfully, it’s a long weekend here in the UK, so I’ve had an extra day of catching up and relaxing this weekend, which has been very nice.

Assen and I had a relaxing weekend together, finally having a chance to spend some time together. This included spending some time at the local beer festival in town


We smile so nice in pictures 🙂

We also explored an old English town, Thaxted, which was a fun day trip to get out of town for a bit.


We also rounded out the weekend with a trip to the movies, to see Pitch Perfect 2. I’ve seen the first one about 10,000 times, so I was very excited to watch the sequel. And I’m happy to say that I thought the second one was great as well. I look forward to watching it many more times 🙂

It’s back to work tomorrow, and then next week, I’m actually flying out to Switzerland for my job. Originally I was supposed to be flying to Switzerland this week, and the US next week, but I couldn’t make it work with a few of my client’s schedules, so I lost the US trip. But, I think that’s probably for the best, as honestly- a trip is exciting but the week before and after to catch up with everything else is always much less exciting.

I’m starting to work on my recap of my trip, which was absolutely amazing! Very busy- I summarised it on my instagram post but I realised at the end that in 14 days, I had been to 6 cities and stayed in 7 hotels. I did a ton of walking during my trip, so I walked about 140-150 km in the 14 days (as some days my mom and I were walking up to 20 km in a day). It was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys!


How has everyone else been while I’ve been away?


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