Photo recap of Italy and Switzerland

Hi all,

This is my final pre-written post before I’m actually back from holiday! I’m straight back to work the day after I return, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of pictures and stories to share before you know it.

My first big trip after I moved to the UK was a 2.5 week holiday through Milan, few places in Switzerland, and finally New Years in Amsterdam. This holiday was quite a while ago, so I thought today- I’d share a few memories from that trip with some pictures!


The roof of the cathedral in Milan


The most beautiful place I have ever been to- Montreux, Switzerland.


Getting ready for my chocolate factory tour (bonus: at the end, there is a room that’s filled with chocolates and you can eat as many as you’d like)


No exaggeration- I bought all that chocolate. And then I had to sit down for about 30 minutes because my stomach hurt so much from all the chocolate eating!


The Swiss Alps


Zurich, Switzerland- such a beautiful place. However, it is known as being one of the most expensive places in Europe. A medium vanilla latte from Starbucks will cost you 7 Euros.


The smallest tub that I have ever seen in my life. So I obviously had to get into it so that I could see just how small it was.


Skiing the Swiss Alps

Unfortunately, I don’t really have any pictures from Amsterdam. I took a tour of the canal, where I snapped a few blurry pictures. However, for the rest of the trip, I was mostly drinking and eating- so there wasn’t much of an opportunity for pictures. But it is a beautiful city and was a fantastic place to ring in the New Year.

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone! I’ll be back from my current travels soon 🙂


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