How to travel on a budget

Hi friends,

So in the last post it was all about saving for a holiday. Today’s post is all about now that I’ve saved and put aside all this money, it’s time to book some trips. So how can you make your money spread a little further?

Here are my tricks for making every dollar count:

  • Set a budget for how much you have to spend. Then, look into how you can make that work. Don’t just go, spend a bunch of money, and then regret things you didn’t even enjoy afterwards. I’m all about having a plan, and if you have a budget, then you don’t need to spend your holiday worrying about how you’re going to afford your trip once you return.
  • Book flights with cheapy airlines. In Europe these include: RyanAir, EasyJet, wiz Air, etc. I always use the website to find out what the cheapest option is for flying. Sometimes I’ll also have a few locations in mind, in case the flights are really expensive- which is the reason Assen and I went to Prague rather than Iceland, as the flights to Iceland were almost double what they were to go to Iceland.

There’s not much leg room on those flights though!

  • The thing with booking with cheapy airlines is that there are NO extras. I’ve flown on RyanAir where it’s cost more to check my bag then the entire ticket cost. Therefore, if possible- don’t check a bag! When my friend and I traveled around Spain last year, we were gone for 8 days and did it all with a check-on. Let me know if you guys are interested in a separate post for this, as I have truly become a master at packing.
  • Look into cheap options for where you’re staying. I always will look at three sites:

    The first 2 are for cheap hotels, and the third is where you actually stay in people’s homes. I’ve now stayed at airbnb places twice, and both times the option has been about half the price of a hotel, and in a fantastic location. I always select to have the entire place, as I’m not comfortable sharing a house when the owner is there, and make sure you read the reviews!

  • Research where you’re growing beforehand. Especially if you’re a museum person. A lot of museum’s have days you can get in for free, or they have specific deals if you’re under 25 and an EU member (of which I am neither, but am always jealous of the deal everyone else is getting).
  • Once there, I try and save money where I can. Often I try and stay places that have a fridge, so I can buy something easy for breakfast (yogurt and fruit) so I’m not eating at a restaurant for meals. It’s easy to stop at a grocery store and buy the ingredients for a sandwich, or local specialties, and then enjoy a meal outside. Throughout most parts of Europe, you can drink outside (something you’re not allowed to do in Canada), so I love taking advantage of this and buying some wine or beer at the grocery store, and then enjoying outside. Cheaper than sitting in a pub/bar/lounge, and often has a nicer view.

The airBnB place that Assen and I stayed in when we were in Prague

  • Splurge on the things that matter to you! This is a vacation of course, so don’t spend the entire time worrying about money. When Assen and I were in Rome, we paid for a guided tour of the Vatican and it was worth every single penny! I think we got so much more out of our time at the Vatican because we had someone to tell us the back stories of the place.

So that’s how I go on all of my holidays 🙂 Does anyone else have any travel tips that they’ve used in the past? I’d love to hear them- as any way for me to save any money so I can travel even more is greatly appreciated!

Also, let me know if there’s any other questions for booking a trip, planning a holiday, or anything else. I’d love to have a few blog posts around how to make traveling work for everyone.


3 thoughts on “How to travel on a budget

  1. shellmcc1106 says:

    I agree with just using a carry on. We have done that on a number of trips, not only is it cheaper but quicker to get out of the airport as well. You might even want to look into house sitting at some of your locations, some people only need sitters for a long weekend! Oh and in Quebec you can drink in public 😉

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