Personal challenge, final update

Hi friends,

How’s everyone’s weekend going? Mine’s been filled with frantic work, as I tried to get ready to leave on my holiday and still somehow get my work done, as well as get ready for my trip.

I’m still in the process of packing and finishing my work, so this post will have to be a bit shorter than usual, however, I wanted to check in with you all for my second week of my personal challenge.

Checking in with myself, I give myself a D- for this week. I did not do great guys!

First up- yoga


My goal was to complete 30 minutes of yoga every day. What did I actually accomplish? 4 times. While this is under what my goal was- I still feel like I did ok. As I started saying for how my week was, this week was pretty crazy for me. Therefore, I feel like I did the best that I could with what I had. And sometimes there’s other things in life that are more important- like spending an evening with your boyfriend before you both go on separate holidays and won’t be seeing each other.

Second step- eating more clean.

I would say this is where I failed the most this week. On Sunday, I didn’t end up having the time to prep as much food as I had planned, so I started off the week at a disadvantage. Then on Tuesday, I made a simple salad with soup for dinner, which left me no leftovers. That meant Wednesday lunch was eating out. Then Assen and I went out to eat for Wednesday night, so we had some time together, which meant Thursday lunch was eating out as well. Friday dinner was also eaten out, as Assen and I had a work event that meant we weren’t even thinking about food until almost 10 pm.


I also had a few drinks during the week, as often when I’m working later at home, I will have a drink whilst I work. This probably did not help my yoga either, as I had a drink on Tuesday, when I didn’t do any yoga, and Wednesday while out for dinner (and also a non-yoga day).

Sleep: getting 7 hours of sleep a night

I did so well on this last week. This week- not as much. I managed 7 hours for the first half of the week. But Wednesday night I only got 6.5, and Thursday night, only 6. The rest of the week, I did make it to 7 hours though- with Friday night, even getting 8.5 (and I was up for 10 am on Saturday- which is early for me!).

Overall, this challenge was a bit more than I think I really should have taken on. While I probably could have made more time for yoga, it’s also important to listen to your body. When I’m exhausted from work, sometimes it’s more important that I just go to sleep and not feel the need to make a home-cooked meal and do yoga. So this was a gentle reminder to myself to allow myself the time to take breaks, and not ask too much of myself.

How did everyone else’ weekend go?


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