Nice, France

Thanks for the positive words for my challenge! Half way through week 2 🙂

Figured I would back up a little bit further since my last post on travels, to the weekend before, when I met with Cara to go to Nice, France for my birthday weekend. As of this weekend, it will be an entire year ago! How time flies.

I flew out on Saturday morning, with my flight leaving at 6 am. On Friday night, I went out with a few friends for birthday drinks, and then went back home to pack. I had to be leaving my house at about 3 am, so I didn’t even bother going to sleep.

I slept on the way to the airport, and then on the plane to Nice, and before I knew it, I was checked into the hotel and enjoying a delicious breakfast in the outdoor patio of the hotel.


Cara had already been there for a day, so as soon as I had eaten some breakfast, she knew right where to take me. We each had a cocktail on the beach, while listening to the water crash over the waves.

The water was so beautiful, and for early May, it was extremely nice out. The perfect Saturday afternoon.



Because it was my birthday weekend, Cara and I had decided that we would treat ourselves to a few spa treatments at the hotel.It was absolutely luxurious! I very rarely take the time (and the money) to treat myself in that way, so it felt extra indulgent that we did.

For treatments, we first spent twenty minutes in a steam room, and then I had my massage first, while Cara sat in the waiting room, sipping tea and relaxing. We then switched and she had her massage, while I had a lovely hour nap (as remember- at this point I had been up for about 36 hours with around 3 hours of sleep), before heading back in for a leg scrub and foot massage.

I left that spa feeling the most relaxed I had felt in a long time!


It was Saturday night so we decided we would celebrate my birthday a couple days early (as my birthday wasn’t until the Monday) and head out for a nice dinner, followed by some dancing.

I can’t tell you anything about the dinner that we had, but I do remember it being quite delicious (and hilarious, as French men are flirts when they see two women out)


We had googled bars in the area, and found a nightclub that was supposed to be amazing. We headed there and had a great time just dancing the entire night.

I will say that I did not appreciate the amount that we were groped! Men kept on touching our bums the entire night! Cara and I have long ago established a “Safety area” when dancing, to ensure no one is around us and therefore trying to inappropriately dance or touch us. We did our best to enforce this while dancing, but I would say we failed about 50% of the time.


We stayed out fairly late, and I slept late the next day. It felt glorious to finally be in a bed and have a proper night’s sleep after being up for almost 2 days.

The next day, Cara and I wandered through the town, and found a great hiking spot where we could look over Nice. The views were stunning and made up for the many stairs we had to climb to see it (all of my holidays seem to include me climbing a bajillion steps at some point).

IMG_4154   IMG_4169

We spent the day exploring, and stopping in at a few places for some shopping, as well as a mid-day cocktail in the shade when it got too hot in the sun.


Both Cara and I were feeling lazy after our night out the day before, so we bought a bunch of snacks and some wine, got Cara’s iPad, and watched a movie on the beach while the sun set. It was a great, relaxing way to spend the evening.



The next day was the morning of my birthday. I was flying back to the UK by mid-afternoon, but we wanted to spend the morning together celebrating.

As such, we headed back to the beach, but first with a stop at a French pastry shop.


I have a long standing birthday tradition of doing yoga on my birthday. I started this about 5 birthdays ago (soon to be 6!), as my boyfriend at the time (who wasn’t the best boyfriend) was working and couldn’t spend any time with me. So instead, I went to a yoga class to do something for “me” on my birthday, and ever since the tradition has stuck.

Last year, while in Nice, I did about an hour of yoga on the beach, therefore keeping my birthday tradition alive. Afterwards we just lay there and soaked in the beautiful weather before I devoured my birthday cake.



After a bit more time at the beach, I had to head back to the airport to fly back to the UK. It was sad to leave the beautiful weather and celebrations, but I was lucky enough to come home to the below surprise. 50 blown up balloons, flowers, presents, and a Happy Birthday banner, all courtesy of Assen.


It was an absolutely amazing birthday weekend, and I loved my weekend in Nice so, so much. Absolutely amazing.

Has anyone else been to Nice? What was your favourite part of the trip?


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