Week 1 challenge update

Hi all,

How was everyone’s week? Mine flew by, as it was another busy one for work. But just 7 more days and I am on holiday, so it is getting close πŸ™‚


Can’t wait to spend some time with my mom!

But before I can start thinking about my holiday: Week 1 check-in with my challenge. I would give myself a B- for the first week. Here’s what went right and wrong.

First up- yoga. My goal was to do yoga for 30 minutes everyday. This is probably the part of the challenge I did the worst on.

Monday and Tuesday started out great- I did 45 minutes on Monday, and another hour on Tuesday. Wednesday I was at work until 11:30, so I did not get to any yoga that night. Thursday I went home at 8 pm, made some dinner, and then went back to work till 11:30 again. Friday my goal was to do yoga, but by the time I got home (at a very early 7 pm), I just wanted to have a glass of wine and chill out. Therefore, I missed a third day in the row. Saturday I went for a long walk, so I’m giving myself partial credit for doing something active, even though it wasn’t yoga.

Today, I decided enough was enough and no more excuses. Therefore, I woke up this morning, put on my yoga clothes and did an hour of yoga first thing. So out of 7 days, I did yoga 3 times, and went for a walk one day. Not great, but not awful.

Second- food. My goal here was to eat more clean- eating out less, cutting out desserts, having only one coffee a day, and no alcohol during the week.

This part of the challenge I did pretty well on. On Sunday, I spent a bunch of time prepping food. I made homemade granola bars from OhsheGlows recipe book, as well as cut up some fruit and just generally got ready for the week.



I spent some time planning my meals, which is something I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing recently. I figured there would be at least one meal this week that I wouldn’t be at home for, so I only planned for 4 (and only remembered to snap 3). I made an African peanut stew (courtesy of Ohsheglows recipe book), shrimp pest pasta, chicken stiry fry, and tex-mex casserole (also courtesy of Ohsheglows recipe book- seriously, buy the book!)

IIMG_7618Β  IMG_7623IMG_7626

I only had one cup of coffee each day, which was probably the hardest part of the food challenge, and I went the work week without any alcohol. I did have a glass of wine on Friday, and a beer on Saturday, but my intention was to avoid alcohol during the week, and then enjoy on the weekend.

I did eat out on Wednesday night, as I was at work quite late and got hungry then, so I was happy with my intention to eat out less, and not just say I was eliminating it.

Third part of the challenge was to sleep more. Specifically, I challenged myself to get 7 hours of sleep each night.

I did really well on this one! I made it for 7 hours every day except for Thursday. Thursday night I worked until 11:30, and then I wanted some relax time. So I ended up staying up, playing on my phone, until about 1 am. Therefore, when my alarm went off at 7 am, I was feeling very sleepy on Friday. However, every other night, I managed to make it to bed in time to get 7 hours of sleep, and I did notice a difference in how I felt each day.

Going forward: what am I going to change for week 2 of this challenge?

To be honest, probably very little. I’ve already gone grocery shopping for this week, and am going to spend some time in the afternoon prepping what I can for the week. This is the last week at work before my 2 week holiday, and I have a big client deadline approaching, so I know it’s going to be another crazy one. Therefore, being able to do 7 yoga classes this week may again be the biggest challenge of this week, but I’m still going to strive towards it!

Wish me luck πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Week 1 challenge update

  1. Ania says:

    Hi Sarah,

    My name is Ania and I have been reading your blog for a while, since you were back in Canada. I enjoy reading about all your travels thru Europe as I am originally from there. I am currently living in US, but I am planning to move back to Europe in few months and UK/London is my top choice.

    How is it living there? Any pros and cons? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    And if you have a chance you should go and visit Poland (Krakow, Gdansk, Sopot).

    Enjoy your Holiday

    • Yogi Sarah says:

      Thank you for reading for so long Ania! Poland is definitely on my list of places to visit (but to be fair, I think most places are on my list to visit).

      I don’t actually live in London, as I live about a 50 minute journey away. However, I would love to live in London. There’s so much to do and see all the time. The negative side of it would be that there are people everywhere, and I’ve heard it can be kind of lonely to live in London, as everyone lives so far away from each other so if you want to see someone, it’ll take almost an hour of commuting to see them. BUT, they are planning to make the tube run 24 hours, so I think that would help.

      For the UK, I also have positives and negatives to say. I really like living in the UK as it’s close to the rest of Europe, and has allowed me to do a lot of traveling. But I’ve found British people to not always be the most friendly- they’re always very polite, but having moved here from Canada (where perhaps we’re extra friendly), I’ve found it difficult to make good friends here. But I have friends who have moved to London and made amazing friends- so that’s not to say it will be everyone’s experience. The most difficult parts of moving were definitely getting used to the extra cost of everything (rent, fuel for your car, council tax, electricity, etc.) and then just the general stress of moving somewhere new where I didn’t know anyone.

      Not sure if that’s any help at all! Let me know if there’s anything more you’d like me to answer for you as I’d love to help out if I can πŸ™‚ Feel free to email me as well if you’d like more in-depth answers at yogisarahf@gmail.com

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