Getting back on track detailed plan

Thanks everyone for your support on my “Getting back on track” plan.

As promised, I wanted to provide some details on what I’m planning on doing.

Step 1: Yoga every day for 30 minutes

I decided this as yoga is really good for both my physical body, but also my spiritual side. Often times I find after a good yoga class, I will have more perspective. I will always remember one yoga class I went to, I went into the class feeling extremely stressed out from my job, and having to work a lot. And by the time the class ended, and I was driving home, all I felt was gratitude for the life I had, where my biggest worry was having to work.

Therefore, for this requirement, it’s not so much that I’ll be doing a vinyasa flow everyday, but just some time on my mat.


Step 2: Clean up my diet to eat more clean

As I shared on Friday, recently I’ve been eating out a lot. And while it hasn’t been anything crazy bad for me- sandwiches or a wrap at lunch, and then Thai curry or a salad for dinner, there’s been a lot of others mixed in. A glass of wine when I come home has become the norm for most days. Dessert after dinner is an every day occurrence, sometimes after lunch as well.

I’ve noticed a change in how I feel recently. Plus my skin is breaking out- which I am also not a fan of!

Therefore, the plan for clean eating is bringing it back to the basics. I’m not into doing a strict cleanse for 2 reasons. One is that work is still very busy for me, so if I start saying things like no sugar, no take-away, etc. then I will likely be setting myself up for failure. And two, I don’t think it’s reasonable to take away all things that are unhealthy. The whole point of this is to reset, and I best reset by allowing myself indulgences, but just changing the focus a bit.

So, my plan for the next two weeks is as follows: Focus on cooking more at home, eating whole foods, cutting back on alcohol (specifically no alcohol during the week), and only one cup of coffee in the morning (as I’m currently up to about 3 a day).


Step 3: Get more sleep

The thing about working a lot, is that you still crave some relax time when you get home. So even when I work until midnight, or 1 am, it’s still ready hard to convince yourself to go home and go to bed right away. Your body needs some downtime! Therefore, throughout busy season, I have slowly started going to bed later and later. And when my alarm goes off in the morning- I hate everything and would trade my soul for another hour of sleep.

I think, at most, I get 6 hours of sleep a night during the week. Then on the weekend, I sleep in until noon because my body is desperately trying to catch up on the sleep it lost. It’s a terrible habit I’ve gotten into, and I am striving to sleep more.

I am starting off easy, and am aiming for 7 hours of sleep a night. While this still might be under what I should be getting, I think it’s a good goal for me to get started.

Anyone want to join along with me? I would still love some meal ideas, as well as tips on how to make sure I actually get to bed at a decent time (which I think will be the hardest part of my challenge).

Wish me luck!


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