Recent meals I’ve enjoyed

Hi all,

I’ll be back soon with a recap of my time in Prague, but wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter weekend.

Hopefully you’re enjoying some chocolate and a relaxing weekend.


As I’ve been eating out a lot recently, with working a lot plus all the traveling I’ve been doing, when I am at home, I’ve been going back to the basics with my meals. Since I used to blog a lot about food, I thought I would bring that aspect back into my blogging occasionally, and share with you all some recent food that I’ve been making.

Apologies for the bad pictures, as I usually snap them right before I dig in and am absolutely starving. As such, the photo has one chance to work out, otherwise it’s too late!


This meal took a total of 15 minutes to put together and was delicious. I had some chicken already cooked in the fridge, so I cut it up with some peppers and mushrooms, and sauteed that while I cooked the pasta. Then I tossed it all together with a jar of tomato sauce, and had a handful of cherry tomatoes on the side (just to up the vegetables I was eating).


This picture looks gross but it was so good. I’ve started buying curry paste, and therefore I found I make shrimp curry every couple of weeks. While the rice cooks, I will stir-fry up peppers, snap peas, mushrooms, and some baby corn. Once they’re soft, I’ll add the coconut milk with a pinch of salt and wait until it simmers to add the shrimp. I then add the curry paste as well, and then mix it all together. The rice is served underneath the delicious curry. This meal again takes about 20 minutes to make. (You can also see the mini-eggs at the corner of the picture, which I enjoyed for a delicious dessert.)


This one took a bit longer, due to the sweet potatoes. However, I find this meal is easy to leave while I work out, since the oven does all the work. I sliced up the sweet potatoes and left them to roast in the oven. I also roasted the chicken in the oven, with some poultry seasoning I bought at the grocery store. Served on the side is a cucumber, tomato, corn salad with some feta cheese.


You may have noticed all my meals are quick and easy. When you only have limited time, you have to make it work. This picture does not do the meal justice, as it was very tasty. For this meal, I wrapped the salmon, pepper, cherry tomato and mushroom in tin foil, with a bit of olive oil, lemon juice and seasoning. I let those cook in the oven, while I chopped up the cucumber and tomato and let it marinade in a balsamic vinegar dressing.

What’s everyone else been enjoying lately? I would love some new ideas, as I find deciding what to make is always the hardest part of dinner!


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