A quick trip to Zagreb, Croatia

Happy Wednesday!

I am so excited, as tomorrow, Assen and I are off to Prague for the Easter weekend 🙂 Cannot wait for some time with him, as well as exploring around Prague. If anyone’s been, I would love recommendations of things to do and see.

The only main thing I know we’ll be missing is a beer tour, as neither of us are huge beer fans. Although, I will be trying some beer while there, since Prague is supposed to have the best beer in the world.

But enough of trips going forward, first- let’s look back at my trip to Zagreb, Croatia, just a few short weeks ago!


So the first two days that I was in Zagreb, I barely saw anything at all. Due to work, I saw the inside of the client location, and then the inside of the hotel. Thankfully, on Thursday night, we managed to leave work at a decent time, and decided we would try and see the city a little bit. The main thing that people told us to see was the old Square and the cathedral. The cathedral itself was beautiful.




The church is incredibly white, as most of it has been rebuilt since a major earthquake in 1880. From as far as what I could tell, based off what I read while there, it’s been a major reconstruction since then, which is still ongoing.

I’m sad to say that I did not take any pictures of the food while there, because every meal I ate while in Croatia was incredible. The seafood itself was spectacle, with fresh dishes that were incredibly flavourful. One of the major Croatian themes seems to be truffles- and I had a black truffle pasta as a starter one day which was absolutely incredible. I’m still kind of kicking myself for not buying some truffle oil to bring home.

Another thing I really enjoyed while in Zagreb was Croatian wine. I enjoyed it so much that I bought a bottle at the airport before flying home. I have to admit that before being in Zagreb, I hadn’t even been aware that Croatia made wine, but it was often served at the restaurants we were eating at, and I was very glad that I tried it!

On the Friday night, after a long day of work, my colleagues and I went out for some drinks on the main strip in Zagreb. There was a street which was lined on both sides with bars and cafes, all blaring Croatian music (which was very fun and dance-y). We enjoyed a few cocktails at a couple of different locations, though I only managed to snap the below pic of us out at our first location.




The Saturday I was left on my own, as everyone else flew out with early morning flights. After having explored the cathedral and town center, there was honestly not much more to see. Although Zagreb is a capital city, I found that when I researched the city itself, there was not much to do, beyond museums (which, as I may have mentioned in the past, I am typically not a big fan of). However, I made do and wandered back to the cathedral, where I was able to snap a few more pictures and actually go inside.





I find that everytime I visit a new European city, I always spend a lot of time wandering around the old churches and cathedrals. They’re always just awe inspiring, with the artwork, the size, and just the dedication of time that has been spent on these beautiful buildings.

There was a stone wall surrounding parts of Zagreb, and an old clock, which has not worked since the earthquake in the 1800’s, which I found pretty cool to wander by.


The thing that I really liked about Zagreb were all the orange roof’s. They definitely made me feel like I was in a different part of the world, as it’s not often to see all roof’s the same colour.



I also happened across a fantastic open market, where they were selling all types of produce, as well as types of beautiful  flowers. Almost all of the women I passed were holding beautiful bouquets. I was very tempted to buy some flowers for myself, though wasn’t sure how I would then get them home on the plane.



I sat at a coffee shop for awhile, and people watched. I found Croatia reminded me a lot of Bulgaria, in that the women were very fashionable and beautifully put together. Despite that it was a cold, windy day, every woman I saw looked absolutely impeccable.

I rounded out my trip back at my hotel, where there was a beautiful pool, sauna and steam room on the 10th floor of the hotel. I watched the sun set while I lazily floated around in the beautiful pool.


I was too warm after this time to head back outside, so I ended up eating dinner at the hotel, while a live band played. It was a very short tour of Zagreb, and while I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to return to Zagreb, I very much want to return to Croatia and enjoy some time on the beach.

Has anyone else spent some time in Zagreb? Since I have a client located there, I’ll likely have to go back in September time. Is there anything I should see then that I missed?


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