Santorini, Greece

As we continue through to the second part of my Greece trip, I will try and not flood this post with pictures. But I’m not going to lie- that’s going to be very, very hard for me. As Santorini was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.


Interestingly enough, Santorini is sometimes connected as being the actual “lost city of Atlantis”. The city was inhabited and was thriving prior to a volcanic eruption that covered the island in 1640 BC. Even though there have been many, many findings that lead to explanations of how people back then lived (a rich farming community, that grew wine, a large port, etc.) they have never found a single human body. Therefore, it seems like everyone got away before the volcano erupted.

Whether or not, Santorini is the lost city, there is an old, inactive volcano that is close by, and therefore natural hot springs (which I would classify more as warm than anything) and some beautiful beaches. It is an amazing place to visit.

My mom and I took a boat in to Santorini, which took about 7 hours from Athens. It was quite a bit cheaper to take the boat (rather than fly), and I thought it would be a nice, relaxing day- and I was right. I ended up taking about 15 pictures of the water along the way as it was so crystal blue. Definitely a long way to get there, but I still enjoyed it.


We hadn’t pre-arranged how we would get from the boat to the hotel, and as you step off the boat you are swarmed by people trying to convince you to stay at their hotel, and transport you there. We sat and waited until the crowd had died down, and ended up getting a cheap deal that dropped us off directly at our hotel.

We were a 5 minute walk from Fira, and it was stunning. The buildings are all white, and built on top of a cliff overlooking the sea. We spent the entire day just wandering around the streets (which are a fantastic labyrinth) and enjoying the heat.



The second day, we went back down to the water, as we had signed up for a boat trip that would take us to the hot springs, as well as let us hike around the old dormant, volcano (which is on a separate island).





Swimming around the hot springs was kind of weird to be honest. You have to swim into the hot springs, so when you first get into the water, it is absolutely freezing. Plus because of the sulfur, it’s a weird brown colour. Eventually it does get warmer, but it was tepid at best.


The old volcano was really cool to wander around. We had about an hour to hike about- and it was just beautiful to see how much vegetation was growing on it (which made me think of The Incredibles, where the bad guy lives on a volcano where he grows all his own food).



As the buildings at Santorini are located on the top of the cliffs, to go from the water to the buildings, there are 4 options: you can drive, you can take a cable car, you can ride a donkey, or you can walk 600 steps up. My mom and I decided that rather than paying the 2 Euros to ride the donkey, we would walk up the steps after our day of swimming and hiking around the volcano. We had to stop several times because we were gasping so hard from being short of breath! Who needs a gym when you can just climb up 600 steps!

The next day we rented a car, and drove to the other side of the island. The island has a black beach (named after it’s black sand), a white beach (as the sand is normal sand colour), and a red beach, because the cliffs have red soil. We went to both the black beach, and the red beach- and they were beautiful.



I loved the red beach the best, as there were these random doors on the side of the cliff. I think they were change rooms, but I am sad to say that I never actually checked! I’m still curious what was behind the doors!


We ended our final day by going to Oia, which is known for having one of the most beautiful sunsets. I wish we had gotten there earlier, as by the time we arrived, there was nowhere to sit to watch the sunset as there were crowds everywhere. Instead, we found a nice spot to lean against a stone wall, and watched as the sun went down.



It was such a beautiful place to visit.

One day I’d love to go back to Greece with friends, as I have heard the islands are amazing to go out and dance in. But a vacation with my mom didn’t really cover that, as we would generally have some wine and just catch up after a long absence.

I cannot wait for May, when she is back again, and we can finally have some more time together. Now if only I could convince my sister to join us, the trip would be perfect


Has anyone else been to Greece? Where was your favourite spot?


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