Yogi Rant

Happy Wednesday everyone! Mid-way through the week 🙂

Anyone celebrating with some yoga?


I wanted to share with everyone one of my pet peeves. And I am calling it a yogi rant because I am about to rant about it, and hey- the website is called  Yogi in Action, therefore I am qualifying myself as a yogi 🙂

So-what’s my rant about? Our society’s obsession with the concept of “You deserve this. You earned it.”

I was working out the other day, in a quite intensive barre class. And we took a 30 second break to stretch out our legs about mid-way through the class. And the instructor continued to repeat “Enjoy this! You earned it- you deserve it.”

Um- say what? Why do I need to earn a leg stretch? And that comment had my brain thinking of how often we tell ourselves this. We barter with ourselves on what we have to do to be able to enjoy something.

And this just sets us up for failure. Because when we’ve been denying ourselves what we want for so long, the thing that we’re working towards “deserving” has to become bigger and better. It has to make up for everything that we’ve been putting off, and all the pain we’ve gone through. And eventually- no matter how great the reward is, it just can’t make it worth while.

I remember, back in my days of calorie counting, when I made myself a peppermint hot chocolate at home. I measured out the teaspoons exactly as described on the instructions (therefore, ensuring I had the correct calorie count included for the day) and mixed in the hot water. I sat on the couch, sipping my drink and all I could think was how the calories weren’t “worth it”. I wasn’t enjoying my drink enough to make it worth those calories.

My philosophy now is a tad different than that person I was 7 years ago. Now I say f*ck it!

You want the hot chocolate right now? Drink it (and you’re going to want to use about twice the prescribed mix, and you should probably have some milk in there too for flavour). Have that croissant too if that’s what you want.


You want to stretch out your legs without an intensive work out? Great! Enjoy that stretch!!

You want to lay around all day and watching movies? Have fun!

Let’s all enjoy life right now, and stop needing ourselves to earn that enjoyment first.

So happy Wednesday everyone! Go and enjoy your day 🙂 I’ll be enoying a yoga class, and then a little bit of wine!

I’d love to hear from you guys. What do you think of the “you deserve it” mindset? Or, what’s you pet peeve?



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