How yoga teacher training changed my yoga practice

Hi everyone,

How was everyone’s week? Sorry there was no mid-week post this week. The week kind of got away from me!

I thought it would be fun to switch up the travel posts a bit longer, and talk about my yoga practice a bit and how it’s changed since I completed my yoga teacher training.

For those who are new to my blog, in July 2013, I moved down to Nosara, Costa Rica for a month to obtain my yoga teacher certificate.


I absolutely adored my time there. Nosara is a stunningly beautiful place, with fresh food, a beautiful sandy beach to take walks on, as well as you are in the middle of a lush, green jungle.


The yoga itself was intense, with a 2 hour morning session each day, a 3 or 4 hour session (some theory, some training) in the afternoon, and a further 2 or 3 hours in the evening for more theory and occasionally more yoga. I figured I was doing about 5-8 hours of yoga a day, plus walking for at least an hour a day to get around. As such, by the end of that month, I was in fantastic shape!


However, when I came back to my “real world”, I became very busy with life. Within two weeks of being back from Costa Rica, I was packed up and moving to the UK.

Now that some time has passed, I have started looking back and reflecting on this experience and how it changed me. It also brings me back to one main question:  how has my practice changed since that month spent doing yoga on the beach?

For starters, I stopped going to a yoga studio. This was partially due to financial reasons, as regularly going to a studio can get very expensive, very quickly. An easy way for me to save money was to start doing yoga at home. Sometimes I create my own flow, and other times I sign up for online yoga classes. I feel like I have a solid base to be able to complete these flows with the correct alignment.


My new yoga studio

Secondly, becoming a certified yoga instructor actually made me realise that being a yoga teacher wasn’t for me. While this may not have actually changed my yoga practice, I would say there was a shift in my perception based on this, so I have included it. While I enjoyed my month in Costa Rica, I was ready to go home by the end of it. I immersed myself in yoga for an entire month, and found that I wanted more variety. There were people who attended the training who would spend our breaks working on their postures, practicing their classes, and reading more about yoga. Those are the people who I want to be my instructor at a yoga class! But for me, I like to practice my yoga, and then I’m ready for something else. On my breaks, I would travel around the island, or watch movies from my hammock. One of my favourite days was when a bunch of us rented quads, and spent the day at a waterfall before heading up to the highest point in town to have a drink and watch the sunset. Picture below is from that day and makes me smile to see it!


Finally, my yoga practice has changed because despite the fact that I might not go to a studio anymore, and I realised being a yoga teacher wasn’t for me, I still learnt more and changed because of the experience. In general, I would say I stress less about stuff now, and have learnt how to “let go”. Things will always change, and keep changing, and I would say that I’m a bit better at just letting those changes happen without becoming too attached to what I currently have, or what I want to happen. This reflects in my yoga practice (with sometimes not being able to touch my toes on a stiff day, and being less concerned about that) as well as just my general life (which helps when I have a deadline and am at work until 2:30 am to get it done, less stress about getting it done and more action focused on what needs to happen next).

Has anyone else completed their training? How did they feel afterwards?


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