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Hi friends! How’s everyone’s weekend going?Mine has been relaxing, yet cold, which I’ll explain a bit further on in this post.

I am having so much fun sharing my travels with everyone! I feel like I’m reliving each trip as I write it out.


(Sneak peek of Spain- my next travel recap)

I often share photos of my travels on facebook or Instagram, and I would say the number 1 question I get from people is, “How are you doing all this travel- don’t you work?!”

I think that social media, such as facebook, instragram and twitter, give a very skewed version of what most people’s lives are like. A week of fighting with your partner is kept silent, but a picture of the flowers he brings you to apologise is shared with the world. A month of nothing but work is rarely posted about, but any fun weekend activities is snapped and shared. One of the best quote’s I’ve heard is “Stop comparing your behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” Melissa Joy.


I’m as guilty as the next person of sharing all my fun trips and travels, and then leaving the rest silent. To try and balance it out, I thought I would share a week of my “real life” with you all. It’s busy season at my work, which starts in about November, with a bit of a break over Christmas, and then amps up until March or sometimes as late as April. This week was a bit worse than I’ve been having every single week, but is largely representative of my busy season. As such, it is not exciting, but shows that my life is not all fun and travels.

So here is an “all work, no play” snapshot of my week Jan 25-31:

Sunday: I woke up at 10:30, as I love sleeping in on the weekends (a morning person, I am not!). By 11 am, my computer is on and I’m working. I work straight through until 5 pm, eating some leftover pizza while working. Once I’m done working, I pack up everything and get my yoga mat out. These days I exclusively do yoga at home, and I complete a 45 minute vinayasa flow in my living room. I quickly shower, and am on my computer for 6 pm with a Skype call with my best friend.


Her and I in Nice, France.

Her and I chat for an hour. Then I relax for the rest of the evening (currently watching Friends on Netflix). I set up everything for work the next day (coffee set up, smoothie made, lunch packed, etc.). I’m in bed by 11 pm.

Monday: my alarm wakes me up for 6:30 am, and I leave my house by 7:40.I get to the office for 8:10 am. I work the day through, including working through my lunch. Assen and a few people arrive into the office around 7 pm (Assen and I work together), so I take a 40 minute break to eat some Indian take-away with everyone. By 7:45, I am back to my desk and continue to work for another 2 hours. At 9:45, I pack everything up and drive to the grocery store as I realise I don’t have any food at home. I am at home with all my food by 10:40, and I quickly put everything away, and get everything ready for the next day. To try and have some relax time, I make the poor decision to have a bath at 11:20 pm, and therefore don’t end up going to bed until 12:30.

Tuesday: my alarm wakes me up at 6:15, and I am leaving the house for 7:15. I have a call with some of my colleagues in France for 8 am, so I had to ensure I was at work in time for the call. I work until lunch, when I run out to grab some food, and then arrive back at work to keep working (so probably took a 30 minute break). I work until 7 pm, when the client kicks us out (sometimes I work in our office, and sometimes I work at client locations, depending on what I’m doing in the day). I get home at 7:30 and have the fantastic surprise that the massive order of tea I had ordered (which I had delivered to my friend’s house in Canada and she sent to me) has arrived!


I spend 30 minutes texting people that it’s arrived and unpacking the 11 different kinds that I bought (it’s a problem, I know).


I realise time is going by quickly, so I quickly set up my dinner to cook- I’m making frozen broccoli and cauliflower in the oven, and salmon to go with it, but the frozen veggies take 45 minutes to cook. As such, I throw the veggies in, do a 30 minute barre yoga workout (online) and then saute up the salmon. Everything’s ready by 9 pm, with my workout done, and my computer is back on. I work for another hour and a half (eating while I work), before finally packing up at 10:30. I clean up the kitchen, paint my nails, and then finally make it to bed by 12:30.

Wednesday: my alarm goes off at 6:15, but I’m too tired so I end up resetting it until 7 and sleeping in a bit. I finally get up and get ready, and start my laptop up at home by 7:45. I do about 30 minutes of work of some urgent stuff that needs to get done ASAP, before packing everything up and heading to the train station. Today I have a meeting in London so am taking the 50 minute train in for it. I work the entire time I’m on the train (with an exception of the final 5 minutes where I rest my eyes a bit). I’m in a meeting for the rest of the morning, and don’t get back to Londons King Cross until 1. I grab a soup to eat on the train ride home and am back on a train to Cambridge (working on the train ride home). As soon as I arrive back, I drive out to a client as I am giving a presentation at 4 pm, and don’t yet have the details of what I’m presenting. At 3:45, I am given the final draft of what I’m presenting and I read it through before heading in. I work until 7 before being kicked out by the client. At this stage, I’m feeling pretty exhausted so I just went home and didn’t do anything. I relax at home, and make my nails a bit more fun, and less professional now that my meeting’s over. I do some gently yoga/stretching for 30 minutes. Somehow still don’t make it to bed until 12:30.


Sorry for the bad picture- but just wanted to share the nails 🙂

Thursday: This day started out just depressing.  I woke up to my alarm at 6:30 to a cold apartment, had a cold shower, and then realised that none of the plug ins were working. The lights were on, so it didn’t seem to be a problem with the electricity. I spent the first couple hours of my day on the phone with the electricity company, my landlord, and the electrician. Then the electrician came, and he managed to fix the hot water and the plug ins (and had working internet again!) but he couldn’t fix the heating, as there had been a leak in the boiler and a plumber had to come in to fix that before the heating could be turned back on. The plumber didn’t arrive until 5- which left me sitting in my cold house all day, working at my kitchen table waiting for someone to arrive. The plumber opened the boiler and exclaimed that he had never seen a boiler  so filled with water. Just what you want to hear-right? For those that are counting- this is the second apartment I’ve lived in, in the UK, and the second boiler I seem to have broken. The first one had the thermometer break, and therefore created boiling water for the heated water, as the device to turn off the heating was broken- this caused massive humidity and mold growth that was terrible to live in and was ultimately the reason I moved. And now this one. I swear I don’t do anything to break them! To try and make up the time that I had lost from dealing with all of that, I worked until 9 pm. I made a late dinner for myself, had a long hot shower to warm up and headed off to bed. Made to bed earlier than usual- in bed by 12:15.

Friday: my alarm went off at 6:15, and I realised there was no way that it was going to happen. Instead I went back to sleep until 7:15, and had a bit later of the day. Spent my morning out at my client, and afternoon in the office.  The morning was also spent speaking to my landlord, and arranging the plumber to come fix the boiler (which will be happening on Wednesday- hence why I’m cold over the weekend). I worked until 7 pm when I realised my brain was slowly shutting down, made my to-do list for Sunday, and went home. Assen’s been working crazy hours this week (most days he’s been working till 1:30 am), so him and I made plans to have a relaxing evening together to see each other, and ended up sitting on the couch and watching a movie before admitting exhaustion at 11 pm and going to sleep. Not sure how I made it to bed earlier on a Friday evening than the rest of the week, but it happened.

Saturday: I had a glorious sleep in until 10:30, and I felt so much better. I try and take one day off a week, no matter how busy I am, and Saturday was that day. Unfortunately, when your working almost 70 hour work weeks, the one day off means it has to deal with all your errands. As such, I spent most of the day grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and doing laundry. I also spent a couple of hours researching my next couple of trips (currently thinking either Iceland or Prague in April, and Portugal in May.) Saturday night Assen and I headed to our favourite Mexican restaurant to spend some time together after a very busy week.


Sorry if anyone fell asleep reading that. But as I said above, I think it’s important to show the less exciting parts of my life on here, as it’s not all crazy trips and experiences!

How was everyone else’s week? Anyone else have a crazy week at work?


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