My trip to Rome

First up, thank you everyone who told me, through twitter, person, emails, or comments, that they’re excited about the fact that I am blogging again! Thank you so, so much for welcoming my blog back.

I thought that I would start out my travel stories with my most recent one. From the 26th December- 3rd January I took a trip to Rome and Paris. I figured I wouldn’t be able to cover everything in one post, so this one will focus just on the 4 days I spent in Rome.


By the time we (my boyfriend, Assen, and I) arrived to Rome on the 26th, and checked in to our hotel, it was 2 am and therefore we went straight to bed. So our first day was actually the 27th. We had signed up for a free tour through the major sites (all of Rome’s main sites are very central and therefore you really can walk everywhere), but it didn’t start until 5:30 so we decided we’d see a few sites beforehand.

We first headed to the Colosseum, and the  line-up to go inside wasn’t too bad, so we decided we’d check that out first. I wished we had an online guide to refer to, because while it was amazing to see the actual site- I wanted to know more about the history. However, it was absolutely stunning to see the inside.

DSC04373 DSC04376 DSC04379 DSC04398

I took so many pictures, it became excessive. I read more into it later, and what I read said that it used to fit between 50,000-80,000 people, and sometimes the events would go on for days and days (the victims would be brought out until the ground was too soaked in blood to continue).


After our time at the Colosseum, we wanted to see the Ancient Roman ruins, but all tourist sites in Rome close at 3:30 and it was already 3:15. Rome was also cold (ranging between 3-10 C) so it was hard to stay outside for large periods of time. As such, there were many coffee breaks. Unfortunately, Italians drink their coffee while standing, and in a single gulp, so it didn’t always provide an opportunity to warm up.

Once we had some food, and warmed up, we realised we had spent a little too long over our pasta and wine and had to run to get our tour. Sadly, it started absolutely pouring on us and due to the delay to buy an umbrella, and already starting out a tad later than we had meant to, when we arrived at the Spanish steps, the tour had left without us. So we just continued to be our own tour guides and wander about.

First up, was the Spanish steps. To be honest, before I started looking into our trip to Rome, I had never heard of the Spanish steps (however, my history knowledge is about as good as my geography, which is to say, quite bad). For more information about the Spanish steps, I just checked out Wikipedia.

DSC04428 DSC04433 DSC04440 DSC04449

We wandered around for a bit, but neither of us were feeling great (probably due to our late night from first arriving) so decided to head back to the hotel early that night and catch up on some sleep.

The next morning, we were up bright and early and took the bus to start of the shopping district.


While we weren’t planning to actually do any shopping, I love walking by all the big names (Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo). I might not be able to afford it, but I do enjoy walking slowly by those windows. Also, it was on the way to the Pantheon and the famous fountain, Trevi Fountain.

But first, the fun stops along the way:

DSC04463 DSC04465 DSC04467

We eventually found the Pantheon, which was beautiful. First, the fact that it’s been standing for as long as it has. But the actual size of it was startling!

From the outside:


Massive, right? But then you go inside, and realise it’s so much more than you originally expected!

DSC04474 DSC04476 DSC04480

It was beautiful. The marble, the sun beam. All of it. I think I took 50+ pictures while in there. Plus there’s an intercom that comes on every 5 minutes or so, asking for silence in about 5 different languages. Therefore, it is quite a beautiful experience.

After all the walking and site seeing, it was time for some food, and I had the best pizza of my entire life. It was a little unassuming restaurant that you could easily walk by without every noticing it, on the side of the street, and as soon as you walked into the place you could smell the dough cooking.


I had the cheese with mushrooms. I couldn’t eat it all, but I certainly tried. After carb loading, there were more sites to see. Unfortunately the Trevi fountain is currently undergoing some restoration work, so it was covered in scaffolding while we were there. However, Assen and I wandered for hours, enjoying wine, gelato (oh- the gelato), and just the beautiful sites.

DSC04527 DSC04530

The next morning we were up early for the Vatican City tour. However, that was absolutely amazing and I feel deserves a post all on it’s on. As such, I will be back shortly with a separate post for that (as this one is already massive).

Has anyone else been to Rome? What was your experience like?



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