Brand new week

How’s everyone’s day so far? How was the weekend? I can definitely say I am jealous of all Americans for the upcoming 4-day weekend.

My weekend was jammed-packed and fantastic! I love weekends so much. I’m always so sad when they’re over.

My weekend included boyfriend time, friend time, baking and some boring stuff (cleaning and working and such).

We went out to a local jazz/blue’s bar over the weekend and I tried to take some pictures of Mark and I. I always try to get Mark to smile in pictures:

But for every picture we get that looks nice there’s probably 6 that we’re making faces at each other

I haven’t shared my meal plan for the week, or exercise plan for the week, in a while. Now that I’m recommitting myself to yoga, I thought I’d post it out there for the world to see and hold me accountable!


Dinner: Salmon with mediterrean quinoa salad
90 minute hot yoga class
It was a great night guys! I got home from yoga to find this:

Best way to come home!

Mark had made everything and lit candles all over our house. It was very romantic and very in-line with our November challenge!

Tuesday: Dinner: Chicken tortilla soup
My plans for the evening is to have a girls evening and hang out with my great friend Cara. Our plan is to bake homemade apple pies, using a recipe from her grandma. She makes the best pies! No workout (unless you count cooking and baking)

Wednesday: Dinner: Pulled chicken sandwiches with salad. The recipe is a twist on the recipe on eatliverun, except instead of making it with homemade BBQ sauce, we just bought some for convenience.

Plans for the evening are to skype with my sister and phone my mom! For exercise, I think I’m going to try and go to a morning yoga class. I use to always go to 6:30 am classes, however, since the summer I’ve pretty much stopped going. I think it’s time to start up that habit again!

Thursday: Dinner: Out. I’m volunteering for a work event, where the 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada are recognized. I volunteered for this event last year, and it’s a very classy event which I pretty much volunteer for just so I can get an invite ;)

Friday: Dinner: Linguine with shrimp and tomato cream sauce (I am definitely aware of having an problem- it’s not my fault! Everything she makes is amazing)
Exercise plan is a 60 minute hot yoga class

Since the week is so busy, my plan for Friday evening is to stay at home and do nothing! Maybe paint or draw a bit while I watch a movie. Have some “Sarah-time”.

Saturday: Swim in the afternoon
It’s my friends birthday so we’re doing a board-game night at her place, and eating there.

Sunday: No workout. My friend and I are hosting a movie night where we’ll be watching a movie about recycling and composting and discussing with our friends how they can improve their own waste habits.

I have a blog post coming up about recycling and composting, as I’m very passionate about reducing my own, and hopefully others, waste.

My friend and I taking a tour of the garbage and recycling facilities in our city

Also, if anyone ever wondered, I always eat the previous day’s dinner for lunch the next day. Mark and I will just plan to make too much food so we can eat more the next day!

Seems like another busy week! What are you guys up to this week? Any plans you’re looking forward to?

I also have another blog post coming up about how the relationship challenge is going- Mark and I discovered something about each other we hadn’t known before!

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